In the summer of 2015 Holly Black and Jo Barker decided to only eat food from within 100 miles of their home city, Bristol, for an entire year. The aim - to find out what it truly means to eat local. Find out if they made it in this documentary short. Made in association with Going Local Going Green.


11th June 2016 - 7pm Cafe Kino, Bristol

17th July 2016 - 4pm Better Food Company, Whapping Wharf, Bristol

25th July 2016 - 6pm Magieros at Easton Community Centre, Bristol

28th July 2016 - 6pm KingFisher Cafe, Fishponds, Bristol

2nd September 2016 - Valley Fest, Chew Valley, Somerset

14th October 2016 - 4pm Hidden Civil War, The Newbridge Project, Newcastle

12th November 2016 - 5.30pm Greenmotions Film Festival, Freiberg

2nd December 2016 - 7pm Cafe Kino, Bristol

5th December 2016 - 1pm The Soil Association, Bristol

25th February 2017 - official selection Annaul Copenhagen Film Festival, Copenhagen

14th, 15th, 16th September 2017 - Hebrides International Film Festival, Hebrides, Scotland

21st October 2017 - Harvest Film Festival, Lower Homewood Farm, Dorset

18th July 2019 - Farnham Eco Cinema, Farnham



Animation by Aurelia Lange

Original Score by Emily Teague

Grading by Nick Lyon

Camera by Paula Palazon, Josh Helliker, Jo Barker, Jason Mulvaney

Sound by  Holly Black and Jo Barker

Produced and Directed by Holly Black and Jo Barker

Edited by Jo Barker