Dry Season is a spoken word theatre project exploring menopause and identity. We worked closely with performance artist Kat Lyons to develop a research & development short and a promotional trailer.

IN OUR HANDS - feature doc

In Our Hands is a feature length documentary that tells the story behind the blood, sweat and tears of the farmers who are outgrowing the industrial food system in the wake of Brexit. This film has been made in association with the Landworkers' Alliance.

100 MILES & 2 MOUTHS -Doc short

In 2015 Holly Black and Jo Barker decided to only eat food from within 100 miles of their home city Bristol for an entire year, to find out what it truly means to eat local. This documentary short follows their highs and lows as new feasts are foraged, old traditions explored and tantrums thrown. Watch the whole film by clicking the button below.

Hamilton House: Owning Our Future

Working with the Save Hamilton House Campaign, we put together this film about community ownership and the opportunities that could arise out of the sale of iconic Hamilton House in Bristol's Stokes Croft. 


The Red Sea Travel Agency is a co-creation between Black Bark Films and No More Taboo. It's the first gender inclusive, dedicated menstruation space to be held at a UK festival and had it’s inaugural year at Shambala music festival 2018, Northamptonshire. Themed as a travel agency we take people on a "weekend tour of the monthlies" with it's aim to combine a lighthearted and humorous approach with an important and empowering topic; menstruation.


A music video for Fitty Gomash, a 7 piece ceilidh band who play traditional music with boldness, drive and simplicity. Their live shows are raucous and eventful, delivered with a fierce passion.


We are working with performance artist Viki Browne to explore what it means to perform femininity whilst feeling safe, in a multidisciplinary performance layering projection and live video relay over live performance. We are currently in a research and development phase during Viki’s residency at Trinity Bristol for January 2019.


Some of the best livecoders from around the UK came to Bristol for a night of electronic dance music, livecoded modular synthesisers, and algorithmic music installation.  Why are women so prevalent in this community? Meet the women at the forefront of the algorave phenomenon.


Bristol Food Producers is a diverse network of local, independent growers, farmers, food processors and distributors working together to supply the city of Bristol with fresh, fair, local, and sustainably produced food. This short promotional film shows the main drive behind this network; access to land, access to skills, access to markets and the importance of solidarity and presence, using rotoscoping and interviews with those involved.

Wati Collective Crowdfunder

Crowdfunder for clothing accessories label Wati Collective. An ethical Bristol based brand who collaborate with Colombian artisans to produce beautiful craft, sustainable income and meaningful connection.

Coexist Community kitchen crowdfunder - bring back our kitchen

Coexist Community Kitchen run workshops and cookery classes for thousands of people - using cooking to empower people and encourage social change, working with refugee projects, mental health services, young people and many other groups.


Sims Hill is a pioneering community supported agriculture cooperative owned by its members. In April 2019 we made a stop motion animation to support their crowdfunding campaign to employ an apprentice grower for the 2019 season.


A short video to support investment bond fundraising for A Rule Of Tum - and award winning restaurant and catering business based in Hereford and Worcestershire, to highlight their relationship with the local business community, their staff and their customers. 


Working with GreenHouse PR we interviewed Cafe Direct producer Herbert from Huadquina cooperative, Machu Picchu, Peru on a recent visit to the UK as a part of the We Feed the World exhibition.

St werburghs city farm promo

Film highlighting to funders and the public, the farm garden's 3 projects  to promote inclusivity for marginalised members of the  community.


This film was created to accompany a crowd funding campaign by community based collective Street Goat. The campaign was successful and project fully realised!

Sims Hill crowdfunder 208 - buy a TRACTOR

A short stop frame animation for Sims Hill Shared Harvest, a Bristol based community supported agriculture project, for their crowdfunding campaign for a tractor - supporting the local food revolution!


Made in association with Lilah Bachram an 8 year old activist, this short showcases our interest in working with all ages of our community. Plastic Beach is a film about people trying to combat plastic pollution washed up on our shores and from shoot scheduling, storyboarding, directing and editing, Lilah was calling the shots throughout the process.