At Black Bark Films we are a female led company that evokes authentic and meaningful conversation, by working collaboratively with our clients. Get in touch to discuss any projects you might have in mind.


jo barker

Jo has always told stories. She has been fascinated by them, listening to them and telling them since she wrote her first novella at 10 and shot her first short film at 17. She has always known she would be a filmmaker and through her Media Practise degree and subsequent years as a film editor in the television industry, she has honed and shaped her lens with which she sees the world and how she wishes to express it to others.
The other half of her life is working with children with Autism, which she feels is important in supporting a part of her community who struggle to understand and communicate with the world. This is reflected in Black Bark Films through our values of empowerment and providing a platform for the voice of those we work with.


Holly is a natural organiser. Her work as producer/ director for film began in 2015 with the creation of ‘100 Miles and 2 Mouths’. In her previous life Holly has worked in various communications and campaigning roles from co-ordinating the Robin Hood Tax Campaign for Oxfam, to the Soil Association and in festival production - as well as a children’s tv presenter (amongst other things).
Holly has a background in Human Rights (MA), Historical and Cultural Studies (BA Hons), and Art and Design (Foundation Diploma) - experience which has given her the relevant tools to identify and cultivate stories borne of a deep interest in the world in which we live. Storytelling is the reason why Holly makes films - and although her main interest may lie in grassroots documentaries promoting social change, Holly understands that there is a sense of political responsibility in all forms of storytelling.